Cheap NC Mountain Land For Sale

heap NC Mountain Land For Sale

The best thing to decide is what Mountain North Carolina Cities you want live or retire in first. There is Asheville NC that boats some of the most beautifully fall colors in the world. In fact it has become a me ca of bird watchers and sight seers over the years. Of course this also is the most expensive and exclusive city in the mountains of NC. There is Burke and Boone County as well as Rutherford that may offer more affordable options to a breathtaking view right out your cabin home bedroom window during your vacation or Retirement.

Once you have a vague idea of the city you are looking for browse and compare all this Listings we have both private and MLS on our site of local real estate agents, owners, and developers that offer land lots in communities and large tracts and parcels of acreage. Being a part of a community is nice but the luxury of paved roads may make it no longer cheap.

Call the consultants and find out if it is a good match for you and pick out a few that are near each other.

Plan your trip, if you are going to take a flight out there from say New York or Florida plan top see as many real estate properties as you can while you are there. This way the more you see back to back you can compare better the pros and cons of each property and location.

Most mountain cities in NC are within 2-3 hours of Charlotte, Asheville, major airports, Greensboro and the beaches. Hwoever you may want to steer clear of the Tropical Storm Nadine effected coastal areas and beaches and stick to the mountains just to be safe

Lastly if you still do not know where to start look at our property search and MLS listings above to find some unpublished deals and the cheap and best prices on “Cheap NC Mountain Land For Sale”.

For Sale By Owner” the sign reads but is there any real benefit of buying N.C. mountain land from and owner developer than a professional real estate agent? Most retirees think that because a lot of a few acres is for sale by owner that it automatically comes with owner financing and cheap prices. Rarely is this the case. IF you know you need owner financing you may want to start your search their. For any reason whether it be a cash deal, or poor credit the “cheap” financing rates may come with a balloon payment.

Buying land from a Realtor is a good idea if you have never purchased land before as an investment or retirement strategy. They can help you navigate the pitfalls better but it may come at a bit of a premium on pricing. As a good rule of thumb though owner land will be cheaper and have lower financing rates with extended build times.

Search our network of Acreage sellers by many criteria like financing options, for sale by owner, build time, recent sales, community location and cities. This way you can compare the best deals and biggest bargains on estate sized plots of land and lots.


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